Content Marketing

Every company that embarks on a content marketing journey starts with a few pieces of content, generally placed in a blog.   Over time, an inventory of content is developed that is leveraged for social media, SEO, email marketing, and other distribution channels. Most companies develop that pile of content optimized on an individual article basis for SEO. However, in some cases, content is created more for social and email distribution and is not currently performing in Google.

This is very common.

As a content team matures and seeks to gain traffic from search engines, content should reside on your website as a connected series of content pieces called content silos.  These silos demonstrate that you are an authority on the subject you are writing about by showcasing multiple articles answering what search users are looking for.

To do this, you need to:

  • Perform keyword research
  • Structure your content from a linking standpoint
  • Identify any gaps in your content
  • Monetize the content through leading users down a path that either acquires an email address, cookies them for display advertising, becomes a lead, or straight-up eCommerce conversion.


In most cases, it is not enough to write good content (although it’s the most critical part).  One of the most challenging elements of content marketing is integrating SEO between your content marketing team and other teams within your organization, such as technology, email marketing, reporting, social media, etc. 


Our approach to content marketing blends strategic SEO insights with the appropriate teams within your organization to get the max SEO output from your content marketing efforts.

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