When tracking and reporting of your marketing campaigns, it is critical to know what is and is not working.  This allows you to spend your time and money more effectively. 

Most companies make the right decision to hire a marketer who can implement marketing campaigns across social, email, SEM, and other channels.   We provide a solution that helps that individual with a depth of reporting that you normally cannot find with an out of the box system.  With two decades of technical marketing, data analytics, and reporting under my belt I will bring that experience to your marketing team. I will provide clarity on analytics and provide your company with a view of the marketing landscape without having to hire a full-time data analyst.   What this service includes:

Analytics & Tag Manager Audit

Endgame Marketing will audit your existing analytics & tag manager accounts to ensure they are appropriately configured. We will also deploy a few standard tags in Google Tag Manager to collect valuable information that is not generally collected by google analytics by default.

Dashboard Report

Throughout the month & quarter, you will have access to a report that contains the most relevant pieces of information from Google Analytics centralized in a report. We will focus primarily on who is coming to the site, where they came from, and what they did when they were on the site.

Quarterly Deep Dive:

Each quarter, Endgame Marketing will generate a website analytics report. This report will contain information from your analytics profile. Your report will be built and reviewed by an analyst who will provide feedback on what is currently going on with your website & marketing initiatives and give recommendations on how to improve. We will cover the following, including but not limited to:

  • Baseline stats (users, bounce rate, content consumption)
  • Devices
  • Locality
  • Channels & channel breakdown
  • Behavior (Pages & Landing Pages)
  • Event Tracking
  • Campaigns
  • Conversions

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